2017 HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards

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2017 HIA-CSR Australian Home of the Year, partnered by CSR
Spadaccini Homes, Western Australia Home of the Year (zip 24.4MB)
2017 HIA Custom Built Home, partnered by Stramit Building Products
Spadaccini Homes, Western Australia Custom Built (zip 18.5MB)
2017 HIA Display Home, partnered by ActronAir
Space Constructions, Queensland Display Home (zip 9.4MB)
2017 HIA Renovation/Addition Project, partnered by BlueScope
JW Constructions (QLD), Queensland Renovation Addition (zip 21.5MB)
2017 HIA Apartment of the Year, partnered by Caltex HIA fuel card
HELM, New South Wales Apartment (zip 19MB)
2017 HIA Apartment Complex, partnered by Toyota Fleet
Aria Property Group, Queensland Apartment Complex (zip 3.3MB)
2017 HIA Townhouse/Villa of the Year, partnered by Holcim
Elliott Projects, New South Wales Townhouse Villa (zip 21.6MB)
2017 HIA Townhouse/Villa Development, partnered by Rheem Australia
Virgon Constructions, Victoria Townhouse Villa Development (zip 15.2MB)
2017 HIA Spec Home, partnered by Stratco Australia
Averna Homes, Western Australia Spec Home (zip 21.9MB)
2017 HIA Project Home, partnered by OneSteel Reinforcing
Planbuild Homes, Queensland Project Home (zip 19.1MB)
2017 HIA Kitchen Design, partnered by Miele Australia
Sublime Architectural Interiors, Queensland Kitchen Design (zip 21.2MB)
2017 HIA Kitchen of the Year, partnered by Miele Australia
Enigma Interiors, Queensland Kitchen (zip 15.5MB)
2017 HIA Bathroom Design, partnered by Caroma
Minosa, New South Wales Bathroom Design (zip 19.2MB)
2017 HIA Bathroom of the Year, partnered by Caroma
Croese Building, Hunter Bathroom (zip 8.6MB)
2017 HIA Specialised Housing, partnered by HIA Insurance Services
Keir Constructions, North Queensland Specialised Housing (zip 11.7MB)
2017 HIA Outdoor Project, partnered by James Hardie Australia
Wabnitz Homes, South Australia Outdoor (zip 27.8MB)
2017 HIA Jim Brookes Australian Apprentice, partnered by Stratco Australia
James Thompson, Queensland Apprentice (zip 6.8MB)
2017 HIA Business Partner, partnered by newhomesguide.com.au
Merylese Mercieca, New South Wales Business Partner (zip 4.2MB)
2017 HIA Professional Small Builder/Renovator, partnered by Companion Systems
Abode New Homes, Northern Territory Professional Small Builder Renovator (zip 7.8MB)
2017 HIA Professional Medium Builder/Renovator, partnered by Companion Systems
Killarney Homes, Northern Territory Professional Medium Builder Renovator (zip 8.6MB)
2017 HIA Professional Major Builder, partnered by Companion Systems
Porter Davis, Victoria Professional Major Builder (zip 5.4MB)


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