2016 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards

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HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year
Eco Essence Homes, Queensland Home of the Year (zip 20MB)
HIA GreenSmart Display Home
NEAThouse Tasmania, Tasmania Display Home (zip 12.6MB)
HIA GreenSmart Custom Built Home

Blue Eco Homes, NSW

Custom Built Home (zip 114MB)
HIA GreenSmart Townhouse / Villa Development

Steele Associates, NSW

Townhouse/Villa Development (zip 71MB)
HIA GreenSmart Project Home
Right Homes, Western Australia Project Home (zip 88.2MB)
HIA GreenSmart Renovation / Addition Project
Benchmark Building Projects, NSW Renovation/Addition Project (zip 43.5MB)
HIA GreenSmart Spec Home

Eco Essence Homes, Queensland

Spec Home (zip 20MB)
HIA GreenSmart Energy Efficiency

Right Homes, Western Australia

Energy Efficiency (zip 17.6KB)
HIA GreenSmart Water Efficiency
Right Homes, Western Australia Water Efficiency (zip 15.1MB)
HIA GreenSmart Professional
Joe Mercieca, Blue Eco Homes, NSW Professional (zip 42.2MB)
HIA GreenSmart Product
Ecoshelta for Bigpod N Series Product (zip 26.2MB)
HIA GreenSmart Residential Development
Right Homes, Western Australia Residential Development (zip 15.1MB)


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